Transferring Memberships

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The permanent transfer of Memberships is permitted, however only with approval from the Director of Memberships and Corporate Sales.

A Member must notify the Members team before transferring a Membership to obtain that approval.

All terms and conditions of the transfer (including any price payable) are the responsibility of the Member. Stadium Management takes no responsibility whatsoever for any Membership transfer of its Terms and Conditions.

Before their Membership is ratified, new Members must sign a document provided by the Membership Services Department, which includes all personal and other details required for the Membership register under which the new Members agrees to comply with the Membership Agreement (including payment of Annual Subscription Fees), Member’s Rules, Code of Conduct, and terms of Entry. An administrative fee is payable to the Stadium Management by the Member transferring his/her Membership.

The Stadium Management does not give any representation that Memberships will be able to be transferred for any particular price or at all.